Bernicia World Privacy Policy

We do not use, sell, give away or share any data collected by our servers. We do not use advertisers or trackers and do not store any data on users or visitors.

As a necessity, all web sites and other Internet utilities collect certain anonymous data, such as your IP address, user name if you log in and passwords. We do not use any of that information for any purpose other than to deliver the services you request.

Passwords are stored on our server encrypted in a way that even admins cannot see them. When an admin views member data, all we see is that the password is "on file", we cannot see it! We can, at the user's request (for instance if they forget their password), reset the password. In such cases, we will give the user a temporary password and advise that the user change it immediately! We never do this unless expressly asked to by the user and will require some proof of account ownership. For this reason, we advise that you enter a genuine email address when registering for a Bernicia World account.

Any data stored on our servers (other than user data for logins etc which are encrypted) is deleted when the world does periodic restarts (approx. every two days) and data is never deliberately stored or used by us.

Privacy Policy

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